Robotics 8


This course serves a sampler for electronics, printed circuit boards (PCB), computer-aided design (CAD), 3D modelling, and more. Students will solder circuits, use the 3D printers, engrave their designs with the laser, and assemble a case for their project as they make the Neon Plaque and Twisted Polygon.

The course begins with shop safety, which must be completed by all students before they proceed. Next, students will progress to the required projects. After these projects, they can choose which of the four additional projects they are most interested in.

The continuation of this course is titled Electronics & Computer-Aided Design (CAD) 9-10.

Required Projects

  • Intro PCB: printed circuit board used for practicing soldering skills
  • Neon Plaque: image or design engraved on acrylic, PCB to light up acrylic, mounted in wood box
  • Twisted Polygon: 3D printing project using modelling software

Additional Projects

  • MDF Art: convert student art into a design burned into wood and cut out using the laser
  • Winky Blink PCB: more advanced circuit board for students who enjoy soldering
  • 3D Parts Tutorial: additional projects using 3D modelling software (Inventor)
  • Breadboarding: prototyping board for students interested in learning how electronics work


10%        Safety (100% on safety tests required)

30%        Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

40%        Project Work

20%        Shop Practice

Clean Up

Every class, the 5-minute clean up bell will sound. All students are expected to stop their work and clean up. If you finish early, please help others to finish up before the end of class.


You will be working with expensive equipment in a shared space that is important to many people. I expect that you treat room and everyone in it with respect. You are required to work safely, clean up, and put in a consistent effort into your work. In exchange, I will try my best to make this course a meaningful experience.