Neon RGB



Case & Acrylic


RGB Breadboard (Common Anode)

Common Anode vs. Common Cathode

Examples & Challenges:

Start by setting up the breadboard and downloading .zip file. Extract, then upload example programs to Arduino.

Start each stage by reading and uploading the example, then modify it or write your own program to replicate the challenge.

The “answer key” is provided, but try to figure out each challenge before you read the program provided.

1. Blink

Example (A)

Blink red, green, and blue all at once.

Challenge (B)

Blink red, green, and blue individually.

2. Colour Wheel

Example (A)

Cycle through red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and magenta using the potentiometer, with all colour OFF and ON at the start and end of the range.

Challenge (B)

Use the potentiometer to cycle through all the RGB colours as a smooth transition while still keeping the first and last 1/8th for OFF and ON.

3. Rainbow

Example (A)

Use for loops to cycle through the RGB colours automatically with no potentiometer input.

Challenge (B)

Adjust the speed at which the RGB LED cycles through colours using the potentiometer.

4. Double Rainbow

Write a program that replicates the Rainbow Challenge, but with the two sets of LEDs on opposite sides of the colour wheel.