Laser Engraver


The maximum printable area for this laser engraver is 800 x 450 mm, and we typically use 3mm material.

AutoCAD Layers

WhiteLayout (does not plot)
RedCutting Vectors
MagentaSecond Cut (used for acrylic)
BlueVector Engraving (outlining)
GreenDeep Engraving
YellowLight Engraving
CyanUsed for custom settings
OrangeUsed for custom settings

Power Settings for Chipboard

20% Power
10% Speed
30% Power
50% Speed

Engraving MDF for Depth

Medium Depth
100% Power
80% Speed
Deepest Level
100% Power
40% Speed

Additional Materials

Card Stock
20% Power
10% Speed
6mm MDF
100% Power
1% Speed

SUPERSPEED-660 Power & Speed Settings

LayoutWhite/BlackNo Plot0%100%500
Second CutMagentaVector30%3%500
Vector EngraveBlueVector10%10%500
Deep EngraveGreenRaster50%80%500
Light EngraveYellowRaster20%80%500
Misc 1CyanVect/Rast100%1%500
Misc 2OrangeVect/Rast100%10%500

Sizing Tabs for Joints

Use a 0.7mm difference in size between the male and female sides of the joint.

The male side should be 0.7mm larger, but still centered with the female tab.

Note: These sizes only work with 3mm material.