Example Proposal

Project Proposal: Neon Plaque (Example)

Project Description

I would like to make a project that lights up an image engraved into an acrylic sheet using LEDs. The acrylic sheet would rest in a base made of wood or MDF and house the circuit board with LEDs. Battery power would be ideal for this project so that it is portable. I have included a picture of a similar project that inspired this one.

Design Sketches

Schematic & PCB

Components & Materials

  • 6-12 5mm LEDs
  • 9V batter or 12V power supply
  • 3-6 resistors (likely 220R, but may need to adjust the value)
  • SPST toggle switch for ON/OFF
  • 9V batter clip or 9V holder (battery option)
  • DC barrel jack, female (power supply option)
  • MDF for box (approx. 150 x 75 x 75mm)
  • Acrylic for plaque (approx. 150 x 100mm)
  • PCB (approx. 100 x 50mm)
  • M3 spacers and machine screws


  1. Prototype circuit (breadboard) and finalize schematic
  2. Design PCB to determine overall size of the project
    • Schematic & PCB in DipTrace
  3. Build PCB to test with scrap acrylic
    • Heat press, etchant, foot shear, soldering stations, variable power supply
  4. Design MDF to fit PCB
    • Inventor, assembly made up of separate parts
    • Inventor drawing file to send instructions to laser
  5. Build MDF box and test fit
    • Laser engraver
    • Hand tools, possibly glue
  6. Design acrylic plaque to fit box and accommodate LEDs
    • AutoCAD, possibly trace raster image from internet
    • Alternative: draw design, scan, and import into AutoCAD
  7. Cut out acrylic plaque
    • Laser engraver
  8. Assemble, test, and adjust as needed