Electronics & CAD 9-10


The objective of this course is to provide students with an introduction to electronics, printed circuit boards (PCB), building a case for projects, design software, and programming. Student who have taken the course in grade 9 will focus on more complex projects, PCB design, and programming.


5% —– Safety

15% — Tutorials & Theory

20% — Planning & Design

40% — Project Work

20% — Shop Practice

Safety: You are required to score 100% on all safety tests before starting any project work.

Clean Up

Every class, the 5-minute clean up bell will sound. All students are expected to stop their work and clean up. If you finish early, please help others to finish up before the end of class.


You will be working with expensive equipment in a shared space that is important to many people. I expect that you treat room and everyone in it with respect. You are required to work safely, clean up, and put in a consistent effort into your work. In exchange, I will try my best to make this course a meaningful experience.