Shield Programs

Example Files:

  1. Download and extract the example files.
  2. Read and upload the example.
  3. Write a new program to replicate the challenge.

1-Blink Challenge: Blink 2 LEDs, alternating back and forth.

1 Blink

1 Blink Challenge

2-DigitalRead Challenge: Turn the LED on only when the button is being pressed.

2 DigitalRead

2 DigitalRead Challenge

3-Analog Challenge: Analog output to the LED (use potentiometer as dimmer).

3 Analog

3 Analog Challenge

4-WhileLoop Challenge: Use Button 1 (pin 15) as ON, and Button 2 (pin 16) as OFF.

4 WhileLoop

4 WhileLoop Challenge

5-ForLoop Challenge: Fade LED up and down (not just up).

5 ForLoop

5 ForLoop Challenge

6-Array.ino Challenge: Light up, then turn off LEDs one at a time.

6 Array

6 Array Challenge

7-Tone.ino Challenge: Create a sire that cycles through tones 80Hz – 4000Hz up and down.

7 Tone

7 Tone Challenge

8-Random.ino Challenge: Turn on random LEDs one at a time, for a random period of time.

8 Random

8 Random Challenge