3. Potentiometers

Step 1: Assemble Breadboard

Step 2: Create Falstad simulation

Step 3: Questions

Falstad Circuit Simulator: Blank Circuit



Potentiometers are variable (adjustable) resistors.

Variable resistors have 3 pins. The side pins are not connected to each other, but they are both connected to the middle pin.

Between each pin (middle and side), there is an adjustable resistor. As one is increased, the other decreases.

A 10k pot has a range of 0Ω – 10000Ω (10k = 10000Ω).


Theory 3

1. What happens as you turn the potentiometer side-to-side?

2. When the LED is off, what resistance is the 10k pot set to?

3. When the LED is bright, what value is the 10k pot set to?

4. Why is there a 220Ω after the potentiometer?